SoHo Creative NY is a full-service art and graphic design marketing firm specializing in fine art promotions, consultation and representation for corporate, institutional and/or individual clients. With over 12 years experience, addressing the needs of corporate and public institutions.
Our belief is in the intrinsic value of the creative enterprise and it’s visual forms of expression, such as sculpture, prints and painting. Our goal is to assist those individuals and corporate collectors who share this belief with an opportunity to acquire distinctive, one of a kind works of art that reflect the cultural and social spectrum of the world.

Specifically skilled teams of professionals for each project are coordinated under the direction of Stacey Waddill, SoHo Creative’s Corporate Director.  SoHo Creative’s staff of associated Fine Arts specialists and Art Educators,  offer personalized guidance in the selection of works by emerging and established artists. By selecting a group of artists who represent dynamic cultural and aesthetic perspectives, SoHo Creative NY is committed to the nurturing and development of each of its artists. We are equally dedicated to the growth of the aesthetic taste of our collector/clients, whether a beginning or established collector.

It is essential to the integrity of the art work and dedication of the artist to present the work in the most intimate and knowledgeable manner. With this in mind, special care is taken in creating the perfectly designed presentation of each artist for you or your groups pleasure. The presentation of each artist will include a complete portfolio folder with a detailed biographical profile with examples of current works and up coming exhibitions. In addition to each formal presentation, a special encounter reception with the artist will be arranged with a personalized discussion and explanation of that artist’s work, either by the artist or by one of our expert staff associates.

SoHo Creative NY, in its effort to provide unique promotional materials, offers many specialized services that include art promotional packages, catalog design, art posters and hand bound art publications. As a part of the merging of our diverse commercial enterprises with our public concern for the growth and preservation of our cultural arts legacy, we are establishing working relationship with several international institutions.

Our present working relationship is with Lafayette College. To help promote creative and cultural expressions through the printmaking medium, there are artist in residence programs, student apprenticeships and an international artist exchange program. Educational components of these  programs include lectures, workshops and exhibits designed to encourage an appreciation of the visual arts, particularly printmaking. Lafayette College provides artists and students with an unique opportunity to experience printmaking on several different levels and be involved throughout the entire process. We at SoHo Creative NY have hosted works and exhibitions produced by EPI artists. It provides the artists with a great range of exposure and further development of their works.  


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