Corporate Graphic Services

SoHo Creative is a full-service graphic design and marketing firm specializing in commercial real estate. With more than 10 years experience in real estate marketing, SoHo Creative has handled graphic design, advertising and public relations projects from both the corporate and agency sides and as independent entrepreneurs for some of the most prominent national and international real estate firms.

Accustomed to working directly with property owners, lenders and brokers, SoHo Creative functions in tandem with our clients’ in-house corpoprate communications/marketing departments, supplementing their skills and becoming an integral part of the corporate team.

At SoHo Creative, we take pride in having a solid working knowledge of our clients’ business. Having a hands-on understanding of the real estate industry helps us to better fulfill our clients marketing needs and enhances our ability to create products that stand above the rest and always produced with a keen sensitivity to deadlines and cost efficiencies.
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